Squamish Hiking Trail RatingTaylor Meadows is a beautiful campsite and alternative to the much busier and more well known, Garibaldi Lake campsite. Located in between Garibaldi Lake and Black Tusk itself. It is reached from the same trailhead to Garibaldi Lake. There are 40 very nice tent platforms, toilets, a good water source and a food cache, all in the lush forest of Taylor Meadows with the distant view of Black Tusk

  • Idyllic, flower filled valley below Black Tusk
  • Well organized campground in deep wilderness
  • Multiple hikes can be done from the meadows
  • Deluxe tent pads & frequent maintenance
  • Elevation gain flattens at the meadows
  • Black Tusk looms beautifully very near
  • More of a crossroads than a destination
  • No glacier views like you get at Garibaldi Lake
  • No convenient lake to swim in
  • Crowded campsite, fills up quickly

Generally Taylor Meadows is not a destination on its own, but part of a circle route to the spectacular Garibaldi Provincial Park sights in the area.  For example, hiking from the Black Tusk(Garibaldi) Rubble Creek trailhead to Taylor Meadows, Taylor Meadows to Black Tusk or Panorama Ridge, then return via Garibaldi Lake and back down to Rubble Creek.  This makes for a long hike at 30 kilometres(19 miles), which is why tenting at this perfectly beautiful, and perfectly located Taylor Meadows campsite is a great idea.  The trail to Taylor Meadows from Rubble Creek is well marked, well used and with plenty of signs and mapboards.  Expect to take well over two hours to reach Taylor Meadows from the trailhead/parking at Rubble Creek.  Below is an aerial video of Panorama Ridge, one of the most popular and amazing destination in Garibaldi Provincial Park.  Taylor Meadows gets very busy at times as well with 40 campsites with full service (water, security, etc). There are some small rivers close by but no swimming. The draw for Taylor Meadows camping is the wonderful location. It lays in a beautiful forested meadow full of hills and flowers and views of the towering Black Tusk. It has a less crowded feel than Garibaldi Lake does, though bear in mind that even when crowded these campsites don't feel crowded - they are just that organized and thick with trees and hills.

From the trailhead at Rubble Creek the trail forks at 5.5 kilometres, left to Taylor Meadows and right to Garibaldi Lake.  A continuing trail leads to Black Tusk and further along another trail extends to Panorama Ridge.  These are two amazing and challenging destinations for this area of the park. Black Tusk is 13.5 kilometres from the Rubble Creek trailhead and Panorama Ridge is 15 kilometres.  So tackling both in a day hike is not realistic for most hikers.  Even hiking to one of these in a day hike is too much for most hikers.  Therefore an overnight base camp at Taylor Meadows or Garibaldi Lake are the usual alternative.  Though a day hike is a good endurance test, taking your time allows you to appreciate the view from the summit of Black Tusk, or the stunning panorama from Panorama Ridge, or the flower filled valleys along the way.  This Black Tusk area of Garibaldi Park is marvelous for a lot of geological features besides Black Tusk, but Black Tusk is quite a marvel that outshines all the rest in the park.

Black Tusk is the descriptively named stark black mountain that can be seen from almost everywhere in Whistler.  The massive black spire of crumbling rock juts out of the earth in an incredibly distinct way that appears like an enormous Black Tusk plunging out of the earth.  Whether you spot it kilometres away, from the top of Whistler Mountain or from dozens of vantage points along the Sea to Sky Highway, its unmistakable appearance is breathtaking.  Seeing Black Tusk from closer vantage points such as Taylor Meadows, Helm Creek, Panorama Ridge or Garibaldi Lake, all views make climbing to the top look impossible.  In fact, Black Tusk seems to look more impossible to climb the closer you get to it.  Even when you are close enough to touch its vertical, black and crumbling sides, you wonder in amazement how anyone can ever reach the top. Panorama Ridge is easily one of the most amazing and rewarding hikes in Garibaldi Park.

Camping & Bivouacking at Taylor Meadows

Pay Use Campsites - Squamish Hiking TrailsTaylor Meadows lacks the beautiful lake and distant glacier views you get from the campsite at Garibaldi Lake.  You do get a much prettier forest and meadow setting at Taylor Meadows as well as stunning views of the always impressive Black Tusk.  Fresh water is plentiful here as well as there is a pristine, glacier fed creek that runs through the campsites.  As with Garibaldi Lake you have a food storage and preparation hut to use and there is a frequently manned ranger cabin nearby as well.  Taylor Meadows has 40 well-spaced and organized tent pads sprinkled throughout the beautiful forest here.   Though Garibaldi Lake is often considered the better campsite because you can swim in the stunningly beautiful, though frigidly cold lake, Taylor Meadows is beautiful with its lush green and flower filled meadows surrounding the campsite.  Taylor Meadows tends to feel less hectic as Garibaldi Lake tends to draw the majority of visitors to the park.  Both Taylor Meadows and Garibaldi Lake campsites are good if you are hiking to Black Tusk or Panorama Ridge as both connect to the Black Tusk trail and or the Panorama Ridge trail.  If you are hiking Black Tusk or Panorama Ridge in a day from Rubble Creek you can hike one route up and the other down.  So you can hike through Taylor Meadows, up to Black Tusk or Panorama Ridge, then return via Garibaldi Lake for a swim.  It is always nice to avoid retracing your steps in a hike and this way you only duplicate part of the trail in the first or last 5.5 kilometres where the trail forks left to Taylor Meadows or right to Garibaldi Lake.  Fees Per Night: $10 Adult - $5 Kids(6-15)  Campsite fees must be paid online in advance at the BC Parks Garibaldi Provincial Park reservations page.

Facilities at Taylor Meadows

Toilets - Squamish Hiking TrailsPit toilets are located at the Rubble Creek trailhead to Garibaldi Provincial Park.  Taylor Meadows just an hour and a half from the Rubble Creek trailhead has several outhouses. Garibaldi Lake has several outhouses as well about an hour and a half from Rubble Creek.  There is also an outhouse along the trail past both Taylor Meadows and Garibaldi Lake located just before the Black Tusk trail turnoff.  Beyond that you will next come to pit toilets at the Helm Creek campsite.

Restrictions at Taylor Meadows

No Fires Allowed - Squamish Hiking TrailsDogs Not Welcome - Squamish Hiking TrailsNo Bikes Allowed - Squamish Hiking TrailsNo Motorized Vehicles - Squamish Hiking TrailsUnfortunately dogs are not permitted in Garibaldi Provincial Park due to potential conflicts with the park's wildlife.  All of the other Squamish hiking trails outside of Garibaldi Park are dog friendly however, including Cirque Lake, Stawamus Chief, High Falls Creek, Upper Shannon Falls and Ring & Conflict Lake.  For a list of the best, dog friendly hiking trails around Whistler try here. And the best easy, dog friendly trails here.

Driving Directions to the Rubble Creek Trailhead

From Garibaldi Way(the last intersection before leaving Squamish, near Canadian Tire), heading North on Highway 99, toward Whistler. The well marked turnoff to Black Tusk(Garibaldi) trailhead is 32 kilometres on your right.  150 metres up this road it will fork.  Take the right fork and continue up the paved road for 2 kilometres to Garibaldi Provincial Park, Rubble Creek trailhead. This is also the most direct trailhead for Taylor Meadows, Black Tusk and Panorama Ridge. This trailhead parking area had a rash of vehicle thefts in recent years, so be sure to keep any valuable out of sight and don't be obvious about hiding valuables in your trunk before setting off in case someone is watching you. A common problem in Squamish trailheads, this depressing phenomenon is moving north toward Whistler. The RCMP is taking this problem very seriously and making some effort to curb this recent increase, however taking your own precautions is your most reliable line of defense. Most hotels are happy to keep your luggage for you before or after your stay with them. Don't let this deter you from hiking in Whistler. Of the hundreds(or is it thousands?) of hikes we have done in and around Whistler, we have never had a problem with crime. A little prevention makes a world of difference!

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